A Game Changing new Platform that provides the foundation for independence

Gamers, Developers, Publishers & Advertisers 

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IGDN.net’s Cloud is open for Early Access testing

For Web, Mobile & Desktop

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Why be content with sitting and playing the games you love?

We’re changing the Game


Online Productivity Platform to manage decentalized teams & get things done

Source Code Control, Bug Tracking, Q/A, Code Review, Team Project Management

DevOps – Operations & Support at your fingertips

Dedicated, Virtual or On Prem infrastructure

Integrated with all Major Providers


We know it’s tuff out there

We can’t make it simple, but we can make it easier to get things done

Data Ownership, Marketing Tools, Analaytics, BigData, AI, Social Media

What else can we do you?


On our platform, your target market wants you to find them

We’ve vastly cut costs by eliminating the middlemen taking the lions share of your marketing budget.

By giving users and developers ownership of their own data, the tools to monitize it and integrated tightly into our gaming platform – we offer signifiantly greater and meaninful incentives for both developers and gamers to allow their data to be monitized for the purposes of targeted advertising.

This has allowed us to take the guess work out of targeted advertising, you set your desired market and you will reach them

Data Ownership, Marketing Tools, Analaytics, BigData, AI, Social Media

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